Pawn Loans

Pawn Loans are a Loan against your item of value,this is then used as Security for the Loan.Loans consist of Principle plus Interest every month.Once paperwork is signed and cash is given, you can at Anytime finalize your loan.3 Months is given to finalize and collect your Loan.A 50% discount on interest only,applies for loans collected within the week of signing contract. All Loans are Stored on premises for safe keeping.Interest payments can be made online -see online payment tab on home page and on the bottom of contracts for more information.
100 Points of Vaild I.D is required as well as being 18yrs and over for a Loan.                     
For more information contact friendly staff .
All Pawn Loans are issued under and subject to Police and State based Second Hand Dealers and Pawn Broking laws and regulations.